Rescued horses rescuing people

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Horses of Hope/Caballos de Esperanza

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Video shows how rescued horses are helping people with special challenges lead their best lives.
"Horse of Hope/Caballos de Esperanza
CFC #90559
At Horses of Hope-Caballos de Esperanza our herd comes in all different sizes and different colors. But, they have two things in common. They are all rescues and they now live their lives helping people.
Our clients also have two things in common. They all come with special challenges and they all benefit from the programs with the horses.
Miracles do happen. We see improved strength, balance, and confidence. We see hearts and bodies healed from trauma and loss. We see special moments with seniors with dementia. We see improved communication with clients with autism. We see better focus and behaviors for clients with attention problems. And there’s improved mental health and joy with our Horses of Hope. "