Saving Lives Each Day - Taking Action Against Hunger

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Action Against Hunger

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[music plays]
Text on screen read: 1, 2, 3, every 30 seconds
Images: infants
Text: a child dies from
Images: infants and mothers measuring their arms
Text: severe acute malnutrition.
Images: staff caring for malnourished children, measuring them, weighing them, a child smiling
Text: Action Against Hunger
Images: A woman holding her child
Text: detects, treats & prevents
Images: staff treating a young child
Text: this treatable disease.
Images: a child holding a toy in his mother’s arms
On screen translation of woman speaking to the camera: I am so happy because they have treated my son so well.
Text: Sarah arrived with her severely malnourished baby
Images: a family walking into a health center
On screen translation of woman speaking to the camera and talking to medical staff: I’ve only been here for 4 days and he is stronger. Now we can go home.
Text: lives can be saved
Images: medical staff caring for malnourished children, holding children
Text: with the right treatment
Images: a woman feeding a child
Text: and the right support
Images: medical staff educating mothers
Images: women cheering and clapping with children,
Text: together we are creating a better way
Images: a mother walking with her children
Text: to deal with hunger
Images: Action Against Hunger staff talking to children
On screen translation of woman speaking to the camera holding her children: How can I not be happy? My children are right beside me.
Screen fades to white, displaying the Action Against Hunger logo and
[music fades]