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Stephany Smith, Director of Development Lucky Dog Animal Rescue: Every 13 seconds in the united states a healthy and adoptable animal is Euthanatized and that’s because there wasn’t a home for them to go to. 
Colleen Bernhard, Director of Operations: Lucky Dog is a volunteer-powered foster-based rescue. Based in Washington, DC. Where are main goal and mission is to bring up animals from rural high kill shelters so they can find adoptive homes here. 
Stephany Smith, Director of Development: Lucky Dog faces also of challenges. How do we save more lives? How do we fulfill our mission? 
Colleen Bernhard, Director of Operations: With COVID a lot of the shelters shut down and/or have reduced staff. The fact that we can go in and help transport them,  even if it’s every couple of weeks, has been monumental. 2019, the entire year, we probably had 1,000 – 1,500 applications or interested applications or people actually take through the process.
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And that happened in just a couple of weeks in March and April, and it hasn’t slowed down. But we couldn’t continue to do that without our donor support. 
[slide showing, "Where do my donations go?" Woman captioned Lucky Dog Office and dog captioned Foster Home] [Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, Donate.]
[Pie chart showing how money donated to Lucky Dog Rescue is used]
Stephany Smith, Director of Development:  100% of the donations that are received go directly to the vetting of the animals, the saving of the animals, the transportation of the animals. You’re saving lives by being a part of this organization.
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