Saving & Serving Pets in Need

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The Humane Society for Seattle/King County

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The video opens with a shot of Seattle Humane’s former shelter building. The shot dissolves and transitions into a flyover view of the new Seattle Humane shelter facility.
AUDIO: Over the last century, Seattle Humane has advanced our mission of saving lives and completing families.
Video fades in to a litter of sleeping puppies before cutting to a litter of kittens playing inside a cubby.
AUDIO: Each year, Seattle Humane helps more than 10,000 animals.
Video cuts to an emaciated dog with a terrible skin condition being examined by a Seattle Humane veterinarian.
AUDIO: Seattle Humane is the last option for many pets, and many of the animals we take in are those most vulnerable.
Video cuts to a Seattle Humane staff member holding a small dog with an underbite in front of an animal transport vehicle parked next to the shelter.
AUDIO: And more than 65 percent come from shelter partners.
Video cuts to a kitten being given a flea bath, followed by an older cat inside Seattle Humane’s vet clinic, attached to a breathing mask. A vet technician gives the sedated cat a quick pet before the video cuts away to an operating room where a team of veterinarians and vet technicians are performing surgery. The video cuts away again to an adoption adviser exiting Seattle Humane with an excited dog and a bag of supplies.
AUDIO: No matter how long it takes or the challenges ahead, our dedicated team of staff and volunteers are here to make sure wonderful pets find loving families.
Video cuts to several kittens staring out of a large carrier inside a Seattle Humane exam room, and then cuts to a large puppy inside a play yard.
AUDIO: But Seattle Humane can’t do this work without ongoing community support.
Video cuts to a man and woman playing with kittens inside a Seattle Humane dorm room while wearing gowns, latex gloves and facemasks.
AUDIO: 80 percent of our revenue comes from donations like yours.
Video cuts to a small, black kitten with a cloudy eye who is staring directly into the camera.
AUDIO: Your gift can help us provide support for sick kittens in foster…
Video cuts to veterinarians performing surgery inside a Seattle Humane operating room.
AUDIO: …emergency surgery to keep a beloved pet with their family…
Video cuts to a Seattle Humane team member wheeling a cart full of animal crates through the parking lot toward the nonprofit’s shelter building.
AUDIO: …resources for lifesaving transfers…
Video cuts to a Seattle Humane staff member carrying bags of pet food to a person’s car.
AUDIO: …access to pet food and so much more.
Video cuts to a still shot of a man hugging his pitbull, zooming in for several seconds before fading to white.
AUDIO: Your gift can save lives and complete families today.
Seattle Humane’s logo forms across a white background, followed by a scroll of its mission: Saving Lives, Completing Families.