Search & Rescue Assist, Inc.

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Search & Rescue Assist, Inc.

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Music with no words plays in the background through video.
Opening shot / construction site and the text S.A.R.A.
Search and rescue assist, inc.
Various photos are zoomed into and cut to throughout the video:
Woman on wood pile with dog
dog / person with hardhat on training site
Dog on training site wire
Dog on training site wood ladder
Dog going through "rubble" of cement
Dog sitting in rubble by man
Dog in rubble
Another dog sitting by man in rubble
Dog jumping in rubble
ending shot / same photo of rubble as opening shot. Text:
Your support helps S.A.R.A.
Provide an advanced disaster training facility - free of charge. Facilitate specialized training opportunities with nationally recognized trainers at nominal or no cost to K9 handlers. Prepare highly skilled teams to search challenging conditions & locate survivors + victims of disasters