Second Sight

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SEE International

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(rushing water and music plays)
(Speaker’s voice is translated into English subtitles)
[video of people standing in a circle, heads bowed in prayer] [on screen text: Please give Jonaly courage to fight whatever may come.]
[images of eye exams appear]
[video of scenery] [on screen text: Since she became blind,]
[video of people sitting] [on screen text: a big part of us was lost.]
[video of Jonaly staring]
[video of someone bent over a fire cooking] [on screen text: The work has doubled, hardships have doubled. In love you do what you need to do.]
[video of people sitting in the dark] [on screen text: I will do anything for my family.]
[video of Jonaly travelling to Cadiz District Hospital] [on screen text: (Jonaly) When I found out that there will be a clinic here,]
[video of Jonaly entering the clinic] [on screen text: I was so happy and nervous.]
[video of doctor greeting Jonaly] Dr. Levinson: Jonaly! I’m Doctor Levinson.
[video of people in prayer as Jonaly enters surgery] [on screen text: Lord, I pray that you guide the doctors during Jonaly’s operation.]
[videos of eye surgery appear] Dr: Don’t be afraid. Everything will be ok.
[video of Jonaly’s family waiting anxiously.
[on screen text: One family’s life forever changed. Watch the full film at]