Skills for Life: Bilateral Upper Limb Loss Workshop Slide Show

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Skills for Life 5: Bilateral Upper Limb Loss Workshop
Houston, TX October 18-21, 2018

Skills for Life 5 brought people together from all over the world who are either missing both arms or all four limbs.

Over 70 individuals with limb loss were in attendance, 29 of those individuals were missing both arms while the other 41 were missing all four limbs.

Great memories were made at Skills for Life 5!
Looking forward to seeing everyone again at Skills for Life 6!
Houston, TX October 5-9, 2022
Music: Chill
Musician: LIQWYD

More information:

Slide show from Skills for Life 5 which took place October 18-21, 2018 in Houston, TX.

The Skills for Life: Bilateral Upper Limb Loss Workshop is a unique event dedicated to people who are missing both arms or all four limbs. Missing both arms or all four limbs is a rare occurrence and being around others who are in a similar situation is a life changing event.

Typically this is a 3.5 day in person international workshop that includes presentations by limb loss individuals, therapists, prosthetists, physicians, case managers and others. These workshops provide unique opportunities to teach, learn or exchange techniques for being more independent at home and in the community, including basic self-care tasks that most of us take for granted such as eating, dressing, bathing or toileting.

It is the only event in the world that brings together over 70 individuals who are living without both arms, their family members or caregivers, as well as experts in the limb loss rehabilitation field.