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Water for People

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[soft music plays]
Interview with Brenda Achiro, Program Manager for Water For People Uganda:
Hello everyone. My name is Brenda Achiro, and I’m here to thank you for your generous support for Water For People in our fight against the COVID-19 spread.
We’ve been able to supply hand-washing facilities
(photo of water tanks)
To communities.
(photo of people served by Water For People)
The hand-washing facilities have enabled them
(photo of women wearing masks, washing their hands)
To wash their hands at critical times.
(video of someone washing their hands)
We’ve been able to expedite the construction of piped water systems
(video of men installing water systems)
To ensure that we have flowing water up to the communities
(photo of a woman getting water with her children)
To make sure people are washing their hands all the time.
(photo of hands holding water)
With your support we’ve been able to work with the members of the task force in the different district local governments.
(photos of educators wearing masks)
This is a message to thank you all for your generous support.
(photo of a child carrying an umbrella)
A white screen with text reading Thank You appears, followed by the Water For People logo.
[music fades]