Thankful for You

Charity Name
International Medical Corps

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[music plays - videos of IMC’s work playing while text appears over them on the screen.]
The International Medical Corps’ logo appears on a black screen that fades into a video of healthcare workers
Thanks to you
Footage of workers building a hospital tent
We fought COVID-19
Footage of health care workers in masks
And Ebola.
Footage of people clapping, health care workers,
We provided health services
Footage of health care workers caring for patients, delivering supplies
And trained midwives
Footage of a class of medical students
And health workers
Footage of a class of medical students
Around the world.
Footage of a community education group, health care workers
Because of supporters like you,
Footage of a health care worker caring for a child,
We’ve been able to help people in crisis
Image of a disaster zone
Across 80 countries
Image of someone being placed in an ambulance
For more than 36 years
Footage of a child looking into the camera, a health care worker looking at a newborn
It is a special person
Footage of health care workers
Who cares for people
Footage of health care workers
They may never meet
Footage of someone graduating a community education class
In places they may never go.
Footage of a truck carrying supplies
Your generosity moves and inspires us.
Footage of a girl smiling into the camera
Footage of health workers saying: Thank you. Merci. Thank you very much.
Black screen with white text reading thank you, then the International Medical Corps logo with website