That's Where We Operate

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Doctors Without Borders

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[dramatic music]
Narrator: When front yards become frontlines at the crossroads of conflict...
[Military jeep goes down a dirt road.]
[View from a residential window as an explosion erupts in the street outside.]
Narrator: epidemic, where there are no hospitals…
[Health worker takes a fingertip blood sample.]
[Helicopter approaches a small sea vessel with only the ocean in sight.]
Narrator: That's where we operate.
[A jeep marked with the Doctors Without Borders logo drives down a dirt road toward the camera.]
[music swells]
[Quickly changing visuals: health workers roll a person up a ramp on a litter, surgery in process. man rubs a small child’s back as he listens to the heartbeat, multiple health workers putting on stethoscopes, treating wounds, woman comforting child.]
Narrator: Right now Doctors Without Borders medical teams are operating in some
of the most remote and dangerous corners of the world.
[Workers in white shirts with red Doctors Without Borders logo helping people disembark a sea vessel.]
Narrator: Your response is critical to our response.
[Two men in Doctors Without Borders colors sit in a helicopter as the logo and a “Donate Now” button appear along with the website.]
Narrator: Donate now at