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United States Deputy Sheriff's Association

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Opens on United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association’s logo with CFC #12631
Mike Willis, National Training Director and Programs coordinator walking through USDSA national training headquarters
“I’m Mike Willis, the National Training Director and Programs Coordinator for the United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association here at our state-of-the-art training center headquarters. United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association assists city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies nationwide through our varied assistance programs.”
Picture of law enforcement officers with donated ballistic body armor.
“Our safety equipment donations program and grant” – Voiceover
“Nationally – recognized officer survival training” – Voiceover
Various pictures of USDSA training
Picture of cemetery with American flag on grave
“Cash donation and condolence letter to the family or Memorial of every Law Enforcement officer who perishes in the line of duty” – Voiceover
Picture of deputy badge with black band over it
Pictures of college student females
“Our college scholarship program to assist the children of Law Enforcement” – Voiceover
Picture of Thank You cards held by officers and Little Compton Police R.I. police patch
“And our Thank You card to law enforcement program and citizens’ awareness campaign to name just some of what we do to help the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens they serve” – Voiceover
Picture of deputy in his patrol vehicle and his daughter
End title screen: CFC #: 12631. For more information, Find us at: www.usdeputy.org, [email protected], 316-263-2583, facebook.com/UnitedStatesDeputySheriffsAssociation/, twitter.com/USDSA, youtube.com/channel/UC3OHVoht6G6TCve31Dcp0pQ