United Way of the Midlands' Impact During The Pandemic

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United Way of the Midlands

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1st speaker: Major Greg Thompson, Divisional Commander, Salvation Army
“Here in Omaha we’ve seen the need for our services rise substantially since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March, at the top of the list, food.
Demand for food spiked 144%”

2nd speaker: Chelsea Salifou, CEO, Heartland Hope Mission
“Here in our community, our numbers nearly quadrupled”.

3rd speaker: Mike Hornacek, President, Together Omaha
(Mike Hornacek) “Since March 16th, we have provided food to roughly 52,000 people. We provided food to 42,000 people in all of 2019.”

(Chelsea Salifou) “We need United Way’s help more now, than ever as we anticipate to continue serving a 40% increase in clients through the rest of this year.”

(Major Thompson) “We can only do that with the support of a generous community like this one.

(Mike Hornacek) “Because the road to recovery for a lot of our friends and family in Omaha is going to be long, this is not over anytime soon.”

(Chelsea Salifou)” So we’re asking you to continue to support the United Way, so we can continue to make a difference in our community.”