Veterans at Work for America: Technical Scholarship Fund

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Veterans at Work for America: Technical Scholarship Fund

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Meet Conor Chell, a TechForce Foundation grant recipient. Mr. Chell was a Navy airplane technician and is now studying to become an automotive & diesel technician. The grant he received directly impacted his family allowing him to focus on his education to become a professional.

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The grant that I received that was a huge relief for me and my family.
I've got three young boys

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my oldest four so thank you very much for allowing me
to continue my education to become a professional.

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Get with TechForce honestly! You know because they have tools to help you.

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You know, think of this, think of doing these things for your transition.

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Also like to thank all the just all the associations and companies out there that
support your vets.

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That's very important it's important to get guys like myself
and other veterans back to work and gals.

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Thanks for all that. Keep contributing it is used especially
through foundations like TechForce.

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They put it to good use you're not wasting your time or your money.