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“Heroes Needed” Transcript
Celebrity Talent: Vivica A. Fox

[SFX: Fade up to Vivica A. Fox with chyron underneath: “Vivica A. Fox, actress,
producer, and animal lover]


I’m Vivica Fox.

For more than 100 years, American Humane has been helping our best friends in their worst times during hurricanes, tornadoes, and increasingly, wildfires. They're real heroes to these animals.

But mother nature isn't the only danger that animals face. Sometimes, it's human nature that's the greatest threat.

Each year, more than six million beautiful, adoptable animals are being abandoned and more than a million are euthanized before they can be rescued.

These animals need heroes too. Heroes to open up their hearts and homes and to give them the love they deserve.

Be a hero to an animal in need.

Consider becoming an American Humane Rescue volunteer or adopt from your local shelter.

Visit American Humane-dot-org to find out how you can be a hero and help our best friends in their worst times.

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