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Jennifer Wilder, Director of Development
The combined federal campaign is really important to Warrior Canine Connection, in fact, we've been participating almost since our founding.
It's of course, a tax deductible donation, but but it's so much more than that...
Emily Patton, MBTR Program Manager there's a lot of veterans that maybe don't feel like they need a service dog. So by helping give back to a fellow veteran, gives them that sense of pride and that community involvement again.
It's the opportunity to be able to partner with us. in making a difference in the lives of hundreds of Veterans and military families each and every year.
Rick Yount Executive Director and Founder
For those who are participating who have a dog of their own that understands this special connection that is so important to our well-being...you now, I hope you will consider supporting Warrior Canine Connection and allowing us to share that very special relationship with the Veterans who need it the most.
Warrior Canine Connection (logo)
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