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● EarthShare has connected the power of people and workplaces, as well as environmental and conservation nonprofits for more than 30 years to build a thriving, healthy planet.

● Our nonprofit partners are tackling issues that affect each of us, from clean air and water, to our food systems, to climate change, to the outdoor places where we play and much more.
● We're experiencing the direct impact of climate change now. Biodiversity loss, and the increasing intensity of droughts, storms, heat waves, coastal flooding and wildfires are all indicators that this problem is accelerating. EarthShare nonprofit partners need your support as they seek solutions and fight to protect people and
the planet.

- Dollar Amounts
● Pledging the same amount as the cost of a streaming service or your daily coffee
can achieve amazing things. For example,
○ $1 Buys 24 trees – which help absorb CO2.
○ $4 Provides home energy conservation materials for 3 low-income families.

You have the power to shape the world that future generations will inherit, AND address environmental challenges impacting all of us TODAY. We are EarthShare, join us.

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