We're On The Way to Zero Hunger by 2030

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Rise Against Hunger

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(music plays)
[on screen text: We’re on the way to zero hunger by 2030.]
[video of animated person carrying boxes] [on screen text: In 2018 430,000 volunteers were engaged to make a difference.]
[video of animated bowls of rice appearing] [on screen text: 76.9 million meals of hope were packaged.]
[video of an animated box, donate button and helping hands] [on screen text: Every meal packaged, dollar donated or hour spent volunteering]
[video of animated person jumping] [on screen text: takes us one step closer to reaching our goal.]
[video of food being cooked] [video of children jumping] [video of young children eating] [video of child hitting a gong, event volunteers cheering]
[on screen text: Join our movement]
[video of animated people populating the screen] [on screen text: to end hunger by 2030!]
[on screen text: Donate today at riseagainsthunger.org/donate or text ‘RISE’ to 36413]