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Operation Smile

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[music plays]
[Scenes of people with cleft palates interacting and being treated by medical workers.]
Narrator: It all started with a smile. More than 35 years later Operation Smile is growing into something much bigger.
[Scenes of rural villages and dirt roads with cars and horse carts.]
[Young girl in a medical gown walks down a hallway holding hands with two adults.]
Narrator: We believe where you live shouldn't determine if you live.
[Medical workers performing surgery and using medical equipment.]
Narrator: We believe safe surgery is a right not a privilege...
[Group of people receiving CPR training in a large room.]
Narrator: ...and we believe in partnering with local health workers to build better communities.
[Rapid scenes of health workers and young children with cleft palates in various settings.]
To create a future where health and dignity is for everyone, everywhere, and we're
doing just that - one smile at a time.
[Logo for Operation Smile fades in over blue background. Website listed operationsmile.org]