Where There's A Wish, There's A Way

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Make-A-Wish Nebraska

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To a child battling a critical illness, a wish can feel like a dream.

[I wish to train with astronauts, Addison, 8, Wilms Tumor]

But with your help, it isn’t out of reach.

Wishes are an important part of medical treatment.

[I wish to be a cowgirl, Kionna, 10, cancer]

A chance for kids to see themselves stronger.


[I wish to be a football player, Adam, 13, nervous system disorder]

To see that the impossible is possible.

[I wish to swim with mermaids, Yaretzi, 9, liver transplant]

Wishes can give kids the strength to fight.

[I wish to be a dinosaur, Hunter, 5, leukemia]

To get better.

[15 years ago, I wished to be a firefighter, Ezra, genetic disorder]

To grow up.

Where there’s a wish, there’s a way.