Why Remove Dams?

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Removing a dam is the fastest, most effective way to restore a river.
Visual: dam being removed and water being released

That’s because a few things have such a fundamental impact on a river as a dam.
Visual: water flowing rapidly from the dam being removed

Dams block the movement of fish, flood river habitat and damage water quality. As dams age and decay, they can also become a risk to public safety.
Visual: dam with water flowing

Many dams that were central to a community’s livelihood can no longer serve their intended purpose.
Visual: excavator removing debris from a dam allowing greater water flow

According to the National Inventory of Dams, only 7% of U.S. dams still produce power.
Visual: two excavators working on removing a dam

That’s why even though it had humble beginnings... The Dam Removal Movement gets stronger every day!
Visual: map of the U.S. showing dams removed since 1912 to 2019

American Rivers is proud to lead the nation in restoring rivers through dam removal. Learn more at AmericanRivers.org/DamReport
Visual: dam being removed and water being released

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The Dam Removal Movement is stronger than ever before! Learn more at AmericanRivers.org/DamReport