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Dedicated to wildlife conservation, environmental education, protected areas management and sustainable community development, ARCAS seeks to improve the chances of survival and conservation of endangered species and their habitat as well as assist in the creation and management of protected areas for wild animals. It was originally created to build a rescue center in Peten to care for wild animals confiscated on the black market. The Peten project is much more focused on animals, veterinary care, and the process of quarantine, rehabilitation and reintroduction into the wild of confiscated animals into the Mayan Biosphere Reserve. We work with a lot of different species, including parrots, spider and howler monkeys, jaguars, margay, among others.

Colum Muccio, Development Director: “ARCAS is a Guatemalan NGO. It was started in 1989, originally with the objective of rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife confiscated from traffickers working in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in the Peten region of the country. The Maya Biosphere Reserve is part of the second largest tropical forest area in the Americas after the Amazon. It’s a really important area in terms of biodiversity and ARCAS is responsible for receiving all wild animals confiscated from traffickers working in the Reserve. The Rescue Center is ARCAS’s oldest project and is still its largest project. There, we receive 300 to 600 different animals of over 40 different species that are taken in and then rehabilitated.”

Fernando Martinez, Director ARCAS-Peten: “ARCAS’s main work is the rehabilitation and release of wild animals confiscated on the illegal market. Many people dedicate themselves to trafficking wildlife, which is poached in Peten and then are taken to Guatemala City. To stop this trafficking, we work closely with the National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP), the Nature Division of the National Police (DIPRONA) and the army. These agencies carry out enforcement activities and we are responsible for receiving, caring and rehabilitating these animals with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild.”


In Hawaii, ARCAS works with sea turtles on the Pacific coast, collecting valuable research data and incubating sea turtle eggs. It also works to conserve the mangroves of the area. Unlike the Peten project, the Hawaii project focusses more on the sustainable development of the coastal communities in the area.

Guatemala City

The Guatemala City office centers of project management and fundraising, publicity, and environmental education in schools. ARCAS relies on the support of volunteers and financial contributions from international and Guatemalan members and donors. You can contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of ARCAS’s conservation efforts.

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For more information, visit our website at www.arcasguatemala.org

Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association

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