Did You Know? This Effects 1.2 Million Students

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Did you know? Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. 1 in 3 minority students attend schools with high dropout rates. L.E.E.P To College Foundation, Inc. (L2C) has bee combating high school dropout rates in Maryland since 2013.
L.E.E.P To College was founded in 2013, with the hope of decreasing the dropout rate in high school but increasing the graduation rate and college attendance.

We offer a variety of services that help youth succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Academic support, tutoring, college and career readiness, educational workshops, internships, externships, mental wellness, mentoring, scholarship services, service-learning and community service, special education support and advocacy, and youth leadership development.
With your help, we can continue to help our youth succeed. There has to be a network, a connection within the schools and the communities in which the schools stand. We are so proud of what we are doing and we want to keep on doing what we are doing...because there is a need.