Feeding Souls; Changing Lives

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God's Storehouse

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God’s Storehouse #85820
‘We Are Our Brothers’ Keeper’

‘You can be the face of change’. Change is what this whole year has been. Stepping up and serving in spite of the Pandemic; with more needs and recipients of our services than ever...not only the homeless, and working poor; but those affected by the pandemic… The change is not only different, but additional clientele.

Because of caring people like you, hundreds of people are fed through our weekly grocery distribution; and monthly an average of 800 people are provided hot meals and backpacks filled with supplies..

200 children were served throughout the Christmas sponsorship program.. During food distribution, this winter, we encountered 3 adults and 5 children, in an abandoned home;with no utilities.. We provided free housing for them, through june. One mother began working; saved money; and purchased a vehicle as well.

At God’s Storehouse, we know God restores broken lives. And we are able to provide these services, because of amazing people like you. Every dollar is being used to save a life.

Thank you for giving!