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Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

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My name is Michelle Allen.

Derek Allen, Foster Parent LSSI: My name is Derrick Allen and we foster parent through LSSI.
Michelle Allen, Foster Parent LSSI: We are licensed foster parents, and then when there is a need, a child coming into care, then we get the call. We've been foster parents for about five years. Actually over five years now. And we have had 15 children in our home during that time. Each of them comes with a different story and a different... so you get to learn from them. From the beginning, LSSI, like, the licensing worker, Bob, he was like, "You could do this!" He, like, reassured us. It is so important to invest in children on all levels. Kids need love and they need trust as they get older. They need those two things. And that foundation will guide them for the rest of their lives. Ultimately doing foster care will change your life for the better. It's really hard. But ultimately it has been the best thing that we have ever decided to do. And we have great people. And LSSI has made it so much easier to do that.

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois