Helping immigrants like Carlos win safety and freedom

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The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

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Carlos, a Florence Project client:
I have not been with my family since they left me at the age of one. The Florence Project treated me very well. I think they loved me like I was their child, and I thank God for that because I did not have a father or a mother to give me love growing up.

Frank Long, a pro bono attorney:
I know that Carlos came here to United States not just to be away from the violence and risk that he had in his home country, but because he didn't have a support network. Helping somebody doesn't necessarily end with just helping them as their lawyer.

Lauren Dasse, Co-Executive Director of the Florence Project:
The Florence Project is the only organization that provides free legal services and coordinates social services for detained immigrant men, women and children in Arizona.

Golden McCarthy, Deputy Director of the Florence Project:
We are the legal service providers for unaccompanied minors in removal proceedings in Arizona. We believe that we can set the model.