How You are Saving Lives of Pets in Need

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Animal Humane New Mexico

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0:00:00 Animal Humane New Mexico Logo with soft, cheerful music plays in the background throughout the video

0:00:03 Photo of Nubbins the cat, an orange tabby, when he arrived at Animal Humane sick & in pain / Caption: “Nubbins was sick…”

0:00:06 Photo of Nubbins the cat lounging on the floor with his paw outstretched after his body had healed / Caption: “because of you he is now healthy.”

0:00:10 Photo of brindle Shepherd dog Shuri hiding in fear when she first entered our care/ Caption: “Shuri was scared & afraid…”

0:00:14 Photo of Shuri the dog outdoors with a smile on her face, tongue hanging out of her mouth / Caption: “you gave her confidence.”

0:00:18 Photo of dog Gouda, a blonde pit bull mix, who is severely underweight / Caption: “Gouda was hungry…”

0:00:23 Photo of Gouda the dog in a happy posture outside after she grew to a healthy weight / Caption: “you provided her with food & a family.”

0:00:27 Photo of a single brown tabby cat named Gracie appearing uncomfortable / Caption: “Gracie was alone…”

0:00:31 Photo of Gracie the cat very calm and relaxed sitting with two other cats / Caption: “you surrounded her with love.”

0:00:36 Photo of grey pit bull Suzette wearing a medical cone around her neck while holding up her injured paw / Caption: “Suzette was hurting…”

0:00:40 Close-up photo of Suzette the dog’s smiling face with tongue hanging out of her mouth and wounds healed. / Caption: “You healed her.”

0:00:44 Animal Humane New Mexico Logo / Caption: “Thank you for saving lives!”

0:00:50 Animal Humane New Mexico Logo / Caption: “Federal Employees, please choose: CFC # 59869”