HUGS (Help, Understanding & Group Support)

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HUGS (Help, Understanding, and Group Support)

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00:09.52 HUGS is a local nonprofit organization that supports seriously ill
00:13.92 children with many different conditions.
00:16.52 We help the entire family.
00:18.42 Not only the children, even after the kids have recovered.
00:24.62 We all have a life purpose.
00:26.72 One of mine is to support hugs.
00:29.62 What's yours?
00:30.90 To be proud of who I am
00:34.52 To be a foundation for my family.
00:39.22 To love and be loved.
00:43.42 To give all I have to give.
00:45.58 To be a source of hope.
00:50.22 To cherish life.
00:53.32 To leave a mark in my community and to trust that you will leave
00:56.22 yours
00:57.12 Please give to HUGS.