Use these forms to provide required information and/or request support from the CFC.

  • FIND Form - allows you to submit your contact information and that of your leadership. This is a requirement. 
  • Contact Report Form - allows you to report the number of federal personnel Keyworkers have given the informed opportunity to give through the CFC in each unit.
  • Supply Order Form - allows you to order additional printed campaign materials and supplies.
  • Charity Request Form - allows you to request charities to participate in a CFC event you are planning. 
  • Campaign Activity Form - allows you to report a campaign event or training you conducted at your location where charity participation was not requested.
  • Awards Nomination Page - allows you to submit nominations for the Hero Award (an individual who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in support of the 2020 CFC-Hawaii-Pacific), the Innovation Award, and the Agency of the Year Award.