Merging Vets and Players (MVP)

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Merging Vets and Players

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The best way to describe MVP is whether you’re a war fighter or a professional athlete. When that uniform comes off, how can we find purpose in our life moving forward? Every week we come together, veterans and athletes, and we train together. Afterwards, we sit down on the wrestling mats, and we open up to one another.

We connect with each other and realize that we aren’t alone, and we go through these problems together.

The biggest thing I miss about football, is the locker room, and we don’t have that.

What real courage is especially once that uniform comes off, is the ability to recognize you cant do it alone all the time. We’re losing roughly 20 veterans a day to suicide. I don’t want any more people to fall through the cracks.

I was in a bad place when I got out and these guys perked me right up.

Everybody, MVP, let’s go!