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Operation Finally Home

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They don’t complain. They don’t ask why … or why now … or why me.
They simply go when called to serve and protect our country.
They don’t know when they will return. Or even, if they will.
And when they do return, they often face difficult challenges and unexpected obstacles.
These men and women are America’s true heroes, many of whom have a basic need.
A place to live. A place to call home.
With faith in God and determined action, Operation Finally Home answers this need.
Homes that are mortgage-free. Homes that are built by communities who care. Homes that show America remembers and honors their sacrifices for our country.
But we do more than build homes.
We give thousands of Americans a simple way to express their gratitude and show their appreciation to our country’s heroes.
Visit Operation Finally Home.org to find out how you can help create a home for our military heroes.