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When Leah was born, she suffered a debilitating stroke.
Nine years later, Leah was treated with cold laser therapy.
It changed her life.

Leah, stroke patient, speaking:
"When I left here, I was perfectly normal. I was a kid. People actually talked to me."

Tonnie Chicchi, President, Hoper Laser Institute, speaking:
"This is a treatment that needs to be implemented immediately. The sooner a patient is treated with a stroke with photobiomodulation, the better the results will be."

Female narrates over visuals of PBM in use, and examples of patients using PBM:

"PBM is a noninvasive FDA cleared medical technology that applies red and near-infrared light to diseased or injured tissues, reducing inflammation, promoting regeneration and enhancing immune resilience.

Not only does PBM treat the effects of stroke, but also prevents the side effects of cancer treatments and is helping our veterans recover from battlefield injuries.

Over 100 million patient treatments have proven PBM effective without any documented side effects.

Support the PBM Foundation and help us revolutionize health care through education, research, and innovation."