So They Can Live

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Elizabeth's New Life Center

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CFC Number

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Opening shot: A middle-age disabled veteran sits in a wheelchair while wearing military fatigues with a flag draped over his shoulders. He is overlooking a canyon while lost in his thoughts of previous military service. Birds sing in the background. He wonders what made him enlist, and why he would do it again.
2: He flashes back to the moment when he was first injured on the battlefield. Subdued sounds of his heart racing and ears ringing can be heard. A friend's hand is seen trying to grab him.
3: Camera quickly cuts back to him overlooking the canyon while slowing zooming in.
4: His thoughts are suddenly introduced again. This time, he thinks of the United States Air Force A-15 Eagle Jets who responded to the ground call for air-support. They identify the enemy and are ready to engage.
5: Camera again quickly cuts back to him overlooking the canyon while slowly zooming in.
6: Again in his flashback, the bottom of his boots are seen. Unable to walk by himself, a comrade begins to pull him to safety.
7: Due to the aid of Air Support, an opportunity to move to a safer location is taken. While carried on the shoulders of his brother in arms, they leave behind a burning battlefield. The camera fades to black.
8: Birds are singing. A slow fade into him still overlooking the canyon, and then a tight zoom which eventually fades to the sky above his right shoulder occurs. The camera zooms out of the sky and pans back down to reveal his teenage daughter and her younger sister running, laughing and holding hands.
9: The camera slowly fades to reveal his family hugging him on the canyon where he had been seated alone, bringing him back to the present. He is suddenly reminded of why he had to do it, and that he would do it all over again, in-spite of the cost. The narrator speaks, "You do it so this generation can live free."
11: Camera cuts to a picture of an ultrasound laying in a patrol cap. Narrator says, "We do it so the next generation can live."
12: Photo states "More than 35,000 lives saved since 1989." Narrator says, "Thousands of free Women's Health Services offered because of your support." CFC Number 93580 is displayed on the screen. A photo of a newborn baby is revealed in the delivery room.
13: Elizabeth’s New Life Center logo is revealed with the tagline "Saving Babies. Changing Lives." The Narrator ends by saying, "Elizabeth’s New Life Center -- A Pro-Life Organization." The logo fades to black.