Youth Development

The Resiliency of the Sitar Arts Center Community

Sitar Arts Center student Skye Robinson and her family reminds us that hope lives in our dreams for ourselves and the world, and the will to relentlessly pursue them no matter what.

The Robinson family loves to perform. Skye (age 14) and her two sisters (ages 10 and 17) have grown up with Sitar, immersing themselves in dance, theater, music, and acting classes at Sitar. Right now, Skye is enrolled in online Physical Acting for the fifth year, where, through improv, she learns to react, adjust, and continue in any situation. A skill we’ve all needed to practice this year!

Brittany and C4K

According to a report by the Virginia Council of Teachers in Mathematics, young black
women like Brittany are steered away from engaging in STEM as early as elementary
school, limiting the future careers they are qualified to pursue. But at C4K, Charlottesville youth – including girls and youth of color – have the mentors, encouragement, and tools they need to freely explore STEM. Every day at C4K local youth gain both life and technical skills that make them competitive for college and for local internship and job opportunities.

You helped Kosair Kid Itzzy Reach Her Potential!

This year has been filled with challenges, especially for the kids and families of our community. Because of CFC donors like you, we have been able to continue providing support and resources so Kosair Kids like Itzel have everything they need to grow up happy, healthy, and safe.

For children like Itzel—Itzzy to her family and friends—your support is life-changing.

Itzzy is a bubbly, outgoing, and bright 6-year-old who loves to paint and play with her Jack Russel terrier, Jackie.

Nourishing souls

“The food program at Boys & Girls Clubs of Aguas Buenas is of great importance for each of the participants who visit the Club daily. Not only for themselves, but also for their relatives. Many parents sometimes have no income and have to deal with many financial problems. Therefore, it is difficult for them to have a dinner on the table every day. This program is of great help both for me and for each of the families that benefit from it.


John popped off the hubcap from the green sedan, revealing the tire's bolts underneath. As John continued, he entrusted a wrench to one of the boys watching, helping him remove them one by one. One day, these young boys may find themselves on the side of a road, needing to change a flat tire. And because of John, they'll know how.

As the lesson finishes, John and the boys talk about school and life as their moms spend time inside with their mentors at Empower, a program committed to come alongside single moms to make positive changes in their lives.