32: National Capital Area/North VA

COVID-19 & A Story of Resilience

In March, when the pandemic unfolded in the United States, 80% of Bridges’ families found themselves unemployed or facing a significant decrease in hours. Despite the hopeless outlook, Bridges’ families remained resilient. In late March, a case manager at the shelter walked upstairs to an apartment unit where boisterous Christmas Carols we're filling the hallways. He was very surprised and intrigued by the singing of the Jingle Bells song in March. A little 5-year-old boy bounced up to the door, when the case manager knocked.

Arnold's Story

Arnold is a man in his forties working at a local CPA firm who commutes to his job via public transportation and enjoys the company of his co-workers. What is different about Arnold is that he has autism. In the past, Arnold received daily support at his job stocking shelves at Toys R Us. He had behavioral problems and required constant attention.