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Maryssa’s Mission Foundation CFC Video Transcripts

Mitchell and Mindy Rivas: Mitchell and I have gone through the most horrendous pain and we were very blessed to have the supporters around us. And we knew that we had to take momentum, that love, and use these supporters now to help us support others.

Kevin and Jillian Arnold: Jacoby spent her first sixteen months of life in the hospital. Ten months being in the NICU at Cleveland Clinic and six months at an inpatient rehab center.

Mitchell and Mindy Rivas: We’ve been able to help families that are in this predicament and it just blesses us to know that it’s one less thing that Mom and Dad have to worry about.

Lindsey Balmert: I would say to potential supporters that Maryssa’s Mission is local. With these big-time places you donate money, but you might not necessarily see where your money is going. With Maryssa’s Mission you see it!