UCP Huntsville: Our Story

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United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville and Tennessee Valley, Inc.

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Speaker 1:
I can't tell you how many times we've had a parent come in, that is like, "Does my child have CP? Is that why they sent me here?" And we're like, "No. We can do it all."
Speaker 2:
I have seen lots of improvement. He is not the same child he was, when we first started and that's thanks to his occupational therapist.
Speaker 3:
My goal in therapy is always to give them more independence. I want them to be able to be independent adults and I am hopefully going to set them up to where they can live a successful, exceptional life.
Speaker 4:
UCP is not just for kids or adults or anybody that has cerebral palsy, it's for all types of disabilities and people who have all types of needs and they're here to serve everybody.