Welcome to King Street Cats!

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King Street Cats

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- Welcome to King Street Cats
- We're proud to be the only all-volunteer, no-kill, free-roaming cat facility in Alexandria VA
- KSC specializes in rescuing cats and kittens that other rescues often cannot...
- Those with special medical and behavioral needs
- Myrtle Before & After
- and senior gentlemen & ladies
- We provide cats and kittens with a safe haven
- Until they can find their forever homes
- Our dedicated volunteers work on gaining cats' trust
- I just need a shoulder to lean on ... Merlin
- We give them all the time they need
- Until they are ready for their forever homes
- Even if it takes years
- KSC gets ho support from the city and relies solely on private donations
- With no paid staff members 100% of your donation goes to care for the cats
- Thank you for caring, sharing and helping cats like me! Love, Bacon
- Thank you CFC #39069 Thank you for your very generous donation to the Combined Federal Campaign - we could not do this without YOU!