YOU are Charleston Animal Society

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Charleston Animal Society

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(Upbeat music)
(Animated Charleston Animal Society logo)
(Front of Charleston Animal Society facility)
(CFC #81775 in top right corner)
Woman speaking: Since 1874, the mission of Charleston Animal Society has always been the prevention of cruelty to animals.
(Kittens in cat condo)
(Rabbit eating)
Woman speaking: Last year, we adopted over 4 thousand animals into new homes and reunited lost pets with their families.
(Mother cat with her kittens)
Woman speaking: We also responded to animals in crisis as a result of man-made and natural disasters.
(Veterinary team with injured puppy)
Woman speaking: We work to keep animals with their families in times of crisis with initiatives like our Pets for Life community outreach services.
(Leopard Gecko eating)
(Veterinary team prepping animals for spay/neuter surgeries)
Woman speaking: Last year, we provided veterinary care, pet food and more to 1,620 families to keep their pets in their homes.
(Horses playing in a field)
(Animal care team unloading dogs from our rescue van after a transport to our shelter)
Woman speaking: Our shelter medicine program provides direct services for as many as 1,200 animals on any given day…
(Two puppies eating)
Woman speaking: …as well as last year we spayed or neutered 6,657 animals.
(Animal Care employee walking a dog with a cone and splint who is recovering from leg fractures)
Woman speaking: Your donation right now immediately impacts animals in need. Please give generously.
(Animated Charleston Animal Society logo)
Woman speaking: YOU are Charleston Animal Society.
(Upbeat music)